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Q: Will my outside cats kill the fish in my pond?

A: My three outside cats have been entertained by my fish, but I have not lost any fish since I insatlled my pond ten years ago.

Q. How do I keep the birds from eating my fish in the pond?

A: We installed a floating alligator head attached to a weight by fishing leader. This makes the birds think there is an alligator in the pond and they look elsewhere for fish.

Q: If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?

A: We would make the pond bigger and we would install a bottom drain to drain the pond.

Q: How much time do you spend maintaining your pond?

A: We clean the filter and the leaf bag in the skimmer once a week and clean the filters in the waterfalls weekly. We change the water once a year, being sure to add de-chlorinator when we do. We also add salt to maintain the salt level. This helps control the algae and the fish love it.

Q: Will the fish damage my water lilies?

A: Goldfish typically will not bother aquatic plants, but koi have a tendency to eat and kill aquatic plants.

Q: How often should I re-pot my water lilies?

A: Lilies should be re-potted at least annually.

Q: What is the difference between a koi pond and a goldfish pond (Landscape feature)?

A: A koi pond is typically deeper and has a higher degree of filtration that a landscape feature. The koi pond emphasizes the fish, the landscape feature emphasizes aquatic plants and landscaping with the fish as an accent.

Q: Where can I see different ponds so I can make a decision on what type of pond that I have installed at my house?

A: The best way is to go on the annual Water Garden and Pond Tour jointly sponsored by the Houston Pond Society and the Lone Star Koi Club (lonestarkoi.com). You will see landscape features, koi ponds, and best of all, you can talk to the owners of these ponds and learn from their mistakes and successes.